New Additions in the Cookery School

The Lucknam Park Cookery School has been open for 4 years now and is continuously evolving to enhance the experience for our guests.

Claire Randall, Managing Director of the hotel, felt that the first port of call for it’s development should be the designer of the school Stephen Graver.

Stephen Graver Ltd specialise in bespoke kitchens and have worked closely with the hotel in previous years and suggested that the De Dietrich state of the art induction hobs and multifunction, Pyroclean, built-in ovens would be an ideal match for all of the other high quality fixtures, fittings and components at the school.

Stephen worked closely with the Lucknam Park team including our Executive Chef Hywel Jones (who is celebrating retaining his Michelin Star for the 12th year in succession) and Ben Taylor (Head Chef at the School and Welsh Chef of the Year 2016).

This month, Photographer Marc Wilson joined us to incorporate the new equipment into our imagery. Below are a few photographs from ‘behind the scenes’ along with a few of the finished shots.

Photographer Marc Wilson and Cookery School Head Chef Ben Taylor


Stephen Graver (specialist kitchen designer),  Ben Taylor (Head Chef of the Cookery School) and Stuart Garmston (AB Distributors, exclusive distributors of De Dietrich in the UK)

Cookery School Head Chef Ben Taylor


The Finished Shots:


What they had to say:

Chefs invest a lot of time and effort sourcing the best quality ingredients available to them. The same can be said about the equipment we use which is why we are delighted to be working alongside De Dietrich in our cookery school. Top quality engineering we know we can rely on.

Hywel Jones, Executive Chef

De Dietrich are very proud to have worked with Stephen Graver bespoke interiors to create such a beautiful cookery school at Luckman Park. We hope visitors to the school are impressed by the cooking results from both the De Dietrich ovens and hobs and with the class leading technical features these appliances offer.

Stuart Garmston, AB Distributors

This is the second time I have photographed the cookery school at Lucknam Park. It is such a lovely space to work in and this time round I also had the pleasure of photographing Ben preparing one of the dishes, and some fabulous mince pies. Thanks so much to all the team there for their help, and coffee, on the day.

Marc Wilson, Photography