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Spring Cookery Classes

From American street food to a taste of the Orient, we’ve got the perfect course for you this spring. Read on to see the latest cookery courses and to discover our top tips for the garden and kitchen this April.

American Street Food

One of the latest courses at the Cookery School is American Street Food, where we will be looking into a few of the many cultures that make up the food of America.

From the Mexican quesadilla to the Philly cheese steak we’ll be having a street food feast.

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A Taste of the Orient

A Taste of the Orient is a new course that we hope will show you not only some of the great tasting dishes of the east, but also some of the culture too.

We will cook Peking Duck, Ma Po Tofu, Glazed Pork with Noodles and look at how an oriental banquet would be prepared and served.

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Spring Special

Now that spring is here we will be focusing on the delights it brings.

Tickle your taste buds with new season lamb, pea and smoked ham soup and the very elegant rhubarb soufflé.

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Greek Odyssey

We will show you some of the great dishes of the Greek islands and how to put together a Greek Mezze and some mouth-watering main dishes. Sample dishes include: Avga tiropita with taramasalata dip, Lamb moussaka and Honey baklava.

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Dessert & Sweet Things

Everyone loves a little treat every now and then. Have a day of indulgence with us and create some fantastic sweets and desserts that will make your friends jealous. Example dishes include: dark chocolate fondant, passion fruit sorbet, creamed sherry crème brulee, set custard and fruit tartlets, and vanilla shortbreads.

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Tempting Tapas

Anyone who has visited Spain will no doubt have enjoyed Tapas. Dish after dish of tasty little local specialities all served as sharing plates, bringing together family and friends. Spend the day creating some Spanish favourites such as Jamon croquettas, Patatas bravas, Bacalao ajo arriero as well as creating some new recipes.

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April’s Gardening Tips

Now is the time to really wage a war on slugs and snails, use pet friendly slug pellets and remember that birds are your friend at this time of year. Use all-purpose fertiliser just under the mulch as the soil is now warm.

It’s a good time to start sowing sweet peppers, marrows and courgettes, and it’s your last chance to plant strawberry plants. Look to sow French and runner beans at the end of the month.

April’s Kitchen Tips

Wild garlic is in full shoot now and is all over the countryside; we have so much of it at the hotel you can smell it as you walk around the grounds! Asparagus is really good at the moment too and along with tender new season watercress they make a great accompaniment for new season lamb or just as a salad.

Forced rhubarb is about finished but the outdoor rhubarb should be not far away for those great tasting pies and crumbles! Remember to put a few macadamia nuts into your crumble topping for an extra tasty crunch.