Equine Connect


Equine therapy is a holistic, experiential and highly specialised form of therapy that incorporates working with horses to improve both mental and physical health.
Animals can be a source of extraordinary comfort. Dawn Cameron has managed the Lucknam Park Equestrian Centre for over 20 years which stables over 30 horses of all shapes and sizes. During these equine therapy sessions, guests are taught to control the horses through their body language. A horse’s natural instincts and methods of communication rely solely on the placement and subsequent release of pressure. Creating connections with horses encourages guests to use body language more openly, discover emotional growth, learn about themselves and develop new ways of thinking – all of which are skills transferable to both personal and interpersonal relationships.
Equine therapy is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and Lucknam Park’s 500 acres of beautiful English parkland, is a welcoming and calm space in which to try an innovative and special experience.

Cost £135.00 per person per session. For more information please call 01225 742777, alternatively please email equestrian@lucknampark.co.uk