Sustainability at Lucknam Park



Lucknam Park has been connected with its natural surroundings and heritage from the very beginning. Caring for nature for future generations is an obvious focus and priority to us.

We are committed to working towards a greener hotel with environmental and social responsibility always at the fore. As recognition of our efforts towards becoming a sustainable hotel, we have been awarded a Green Tourism Gold standard award.

We have recently partnered with Green Tourism, one of UK’s leading sustainability accreditation providers, to measure, monitor and identify areas of improvement through their rigorous certification audit.

What Do We Do With Our Waste?

We pride ourselves on diverting our waste from landfill and strive to find new and alternative means of reusing and reducing waste.

Our local waste solutions partners, MJ CHURCH, operate their services based on ‘zero waste to landfill’ (0W2L) as standard. Much of our waste is now sent to ‘waste to energy’ facilities across the Southwest. Our food waste is broken down using anaerobic digestion. This complex biological process breaks down organic matter ready to be applied on farmland. The use of this high nutrient biofertiliser replaces the use of fossil-fuel derived fertilisers and ensures a complete loop of carbon and energy capture. Each tonne of food waste recycled by anaerobic digestion, as an alternative to landfill, prevents between 0.5 and 1.0 tonne of CO2 re-entering the earth’s atmosphere.

Our Suppliers

We focus on only purchasing from partners that share our care for the planet and we aim to work with local businesses when possible.

We are proud partners of Bath based skincare brand the Natural Spa Factory and offer their amenities in our bedrooms and spa.