From garden to gourmet

Hidden in a far corner of the estate, the Kitchen Garden provides seasonal produce to be used in our kitchens. From nasturtiums and salad leaves to baby vegetables, micro herbs and white raspberries. Hywel regularly visits the kitchen garden with our estates manager to check what is becoming available so that the menus can be updated accordingly.

Lucknam renovated the old Vinery in 2012, a historic greenhouse, where we have grown an eclectic range of micro salads and herbs. The newly built 8 large raised beds, filled with over 120 tons of top soil, now has over 30 varieties of produce, ranging from alpine strawberries, rhubarb through to runner and broad beans; from edible flowers to root and brassica crops.

Seasonal produce from the kitchen garden is shown regularly to Hywel so the kitchen is updated as to what is available. This then enables the Kitchen to have produce when it is optimum size, freshness is never an issue as from garden to kitchen is just minutes away. Garden produce is increasingly picked last minute and used for specific menus; the produce is also used in our Cookery School.

With the garden located just a short walk from the kitchen on the grounds of the hotel, Lucknam Park are taking the concept of fresh, local ingredients to a new level - diners may well enjoy dishes with components that have travelled only ten minutes from soil to plate.

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