Ellie Dimes

Walled Garden Senior Restaurant Manager


How did you get into hospitality?

At the age of 16 I got my first job within a hotel restaurant, and I thoroughly enjoyed what I did, so I ended up going to university to study hospitality management at The Edge Hotel School in Colchester, while I was there I worked in all departments but ended up realising food and beverage was the right department for me. I then ended up being put in contact with Lucknam Park hotel, I started here as a Chef De Rang, then Restaurant Manager of Restaurant Hywel Jones and now I have worked my way up to become Walled Garden Senior Restaurant Manager.

What is your favourite dish and cocktail on the menu?

Favourite dish it has to be Chefs pan fried turbot with hand rolled macaroni, iceberg lettuce with crab and truffle butter sauce. When it comes to cocktails my favourite has to be a Hugo, it reminds me of Austria where my brother lives, a mix of mint, elderflower, gin and champagne what is not to love.

What is your top tip on what to do whilst staying at Lucknam Park?

Make sure you enjoy the spa especially the outdoor sun lounges (if the English weather permits), but also sitting in the hydro pool, looking across the parkland, it is a very secluded spot. But you must make sure you explore all the facilities as we have a lot to offer and it would be a waste if you don’t get to see it all.

What is your favourite thing about working at Lucknam Park?

First of all have you seen the place, how could you not love working here? I still 6 years later get butterflies when I drive up the main drive. But it has to be the team, we are like a family, not just within our departments but spread across the whole hotel. It doesn’t feel like work when you love what you do.

What is your favourite spot at Lucknam Park?

The new outdoor loungers at the front of the hotel, the perfect spot to watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand.

Best thing to do or see in the local area?

The local villages including Castle Coombe, and Lacock they are both quintessentially British, they are stunning and there are some really good restaurants to enjoy a bite to eat and a lovely walk around. Also Bath is a lovely city to visit while you are in the area.

How do you spend your time when you’re not at Lucknam Park?

Resting and spending time with family and friends.