111Skin Spa Treatments

As part of Lucknam Park’s ongoing sustainability awareness and wellbeing practices, we are proud to be partnering with the much-loved clinical skincare brand, 111SKIN, founded and curated by renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yannis Alexandrides. 111SKIN precision skincare treatments are designed to offer physical and emotional transformative rituals that promise indulgent efficacy, inspired by Dr. Yannis Alexandrides’s surgical expertise and multi-disciplinary approach to skin health.

111SPA/CLINIC is a revolutionary spa concept offering aesthetic performance face and body treatments for the first time in a multi-sensory, opulent spa environment, now available at Lucknam Park. This new partnership will provide cutting-edge medical innovation, high-tech formulas, clinical results and a high-luxury experience for all Lucknam Park Spa guests.

111SKIN is recognised by positive luxury and part of the Ethical Trading Initiative, therefore, all products have been mindfully produced to exclude parabens, PVC, silicones, toxins and beeswax from all packaging, something we are very passionate about.


111SKIN Facial Treatment Menu


A high-performance facial that enhances the skin’s ability to repair and re-strengthen itself using the iconic Y Theorem Repair Serum – a clinically-proven product which utilises the unique NAC Y2 formula. Combined with clinically developed protocols, including the Deep Muscle Facial Massage, skin health is completely restored.


The most intensive facial, using science-led formulas with diamond powder to increase the absorption of active ingredients to ease fine lines and wrinkles. Involving 10 steps of treatment using surgically inspired masks and aesthetician-grade exfoliating acids, skin is left smoother, lifted and contoured.

ROSE GOLD RADIANCE FACIAL  60mins £170 / 90 minutes £255

This treatment combines powerful properties of restoration with the most innovative formulas to lift, firm and sculpt. Using a three-level approach to facial massage, including our signature 111SKIN technique, incorporating a smoothing wand and rose quartz crystals massage, the treatment is designed to relax and soothe the mind while alleviating irritation and inflamed skin.


A targeted, science-led treatment for problematic and acne prone skin, it features a highly targeted, intelligent mask system which utilises the exclusive 111SKIN Facial Architecture method to neutralise skin eruptions and relieve redness and irritation. The complexion is left refined and purified.

111SKIN Body Treatment Menu


A luxuriously intense and hydrating treatment utilising products from 111SKIN’s Treatment collection, specially designed to deeply moisturise the body, face and scalp. A full-body application using a rich hyaluronic acid serum increases circulation in conjunction with a bio-cellulose face mask that’s designed to hydrate the skin. An indulgently warm oil scalp massage completes the experience.

111SKIN CRYO Treatment Menu

111CRYO DE-PUFFING ENERGY FACIAL – 60 minutes £170 / 90 minutes £255

Cryotherapy uses cooled, purified air, which has an outstanding revitalising and energising effect on the skin. Inspired by whole body cryotherapy, this treatment will increase microcirculation in the skin to reduce puffiness and detoxify. Perfect for the night owl or jet-lagged traveller to help their skin counteract pollution and everyday aggressors, the De-puffing Cryo Facial will brighten the skin by increasing oxygen flow. Cryo air acts to ensure skin appears firmer and more luminescent.


111CRYO ENERGISING BODY TREATMENT – 60 minutes £170 / 90 minutes £255

Treatment for fatigue and sports injuries, this treatment combines deep tissue massage, and cutting-edge localised cryotherapy to relieve tension and revive. Combined with our deeply restorative Performance Oil, an aromatic blend formulated to alleviate pain while increasing circulation, this intensive experience can be used on specific areas of concern, or as a whole-body therapy.


111CRYO CELLULITE – 60 minutes £170 / 90 minutes £255

Stimulating microcirculation and the lymphatic system to improve the appearance of cellulite, this treatment helps to ease and soothe tired legs and achy muscles while contouring the silhouette. A quick fix treatment that can be incorporated into any other therapy, the Cryo Cellulite Treatment combines our Cryotherapy Machine and Pro Cellulite Gel to target clustered cells that require drainage. Following this, a bespoke massage is used to stimulate vasodilation, bringing fresh nutrients to the specific area.