Signature Spa Treatments


Lucknam Park are thrilled to be working with Natural Spa Factory, a sustainable skincare brand based locally in the city of Bath. Built for pleasure and relaxation, Bath has been a wellbeing destination since the roman times, so it’s no wonder Natural Spa Factory have been inspired to create natural, authentic and considered products to enhance hotels wellbeing experiences.

Sourcing botanical and sustainable ingredients like herbs, plants, roots and flowers are hugely important to the brand and to Lucknam Park. Sustainability and respect for nature and the human body are at the very core of the brand – from cruelty free & vegan ingredients to responsible sourcing and sustainable packaging, all of which align with Lucknam Park’s visions, values, and practices.

Lucknam Park Signature Treatment Menu

LUCKNAM BESPOKE MASSAGE  60 minutes £160 / 90 minutes £240

Your therapist will combine different massage techniques drawing from their own skills to bring an overall sense of wellbeing. Choose from: calming – invigorating – detoxing – soothing.

HOT STONES MASSAGE  60 minutes £160 / 90 minutes £240

Succumb to the deeply relaxing powers of warm volcanic stones as this restorative treatment targets areas of persistent tension and soothes tight, tender and aching muscles.


This treatment focuses on reducing tension and can concentrate on areas of concern as well as the whole body. Your therapist will use firm pressure to work on trigger points and manipulate the deeper tissues in the body, including the muscles.

COCONUT LOMI LOMI MASSAGE  60 minutes £160 / 90 minutes £240

Mimicking the waves of the ocean, this Hawaiian style full body massage includes long powerful strokes and deep stretches to release muscle tension. Enriching and hydrating, warm coconut oil is poured leaving you completely soothed, nourished, and renewed.

MELTING CANDLE COUPLES MASSAGE  60 minutes £160pp / 90 minutes £240pp

Melt away side by side in our dual room with a warming candle massage while our therapists work in sync to release areas of tension and to promote overall relaxation.

MATERNITY MASSAGE  60 minutes £160 / 90 minutes £240

This nourishing and nurturing full body massage is ideal for relieving tension in tight muscles caused by changes in posture during pregnancy. Natural and safe oils will help improve skin elasticity, reduce fatigue and target areas prone to tension.


Relax and unwind with our natural soothing facial as the Gua Sha tool glides across the face to release tension. Gua Sha tools have been proven to reduce puffiness, inflammation, sinus pressure and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as to boost circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. Your therapist will combine this powerful but simple tool along with natural products leaving you with a refreshed and plumped up complexion.


This head-to-toe experience commences with a body polish to eliminate dead skin cells, followed by application of a mineral body mask. Includes a soothing scalp and foot massage, leaving you relaxed and glowing.