Rebalance body and soul

Unwind and rebalance both body and soul at The Spa by Lucknam Park. Nestled within 500-acres of beautiful English countryside, The Spa is a haven of tranquillity, offering the perfect retreat.


We use only carefully selected renowned brands such as Anne Semonin, Carita Paris and the organic range ILA. All are internationally recognised leaders in their respective fields.

Sink into relaxation at The Spa, with our numerous beauty treatments and spa therapies that will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered. Our spa treatments are as individual as you are, to meet your specific concerns.

Lucknam Park Signature Treatments include:

  • Facial treatments
  • Little Miss
  • Body therapy collection
  • Mother to be collection
  • Mens therapy
  • Beauty essentials
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Wellbeing
  • Facial treatments

    Rainforest Rejuvenation (p)

    1hr 15mins – £116

    This deeply restorative face treatment softens, tightens and brightens thanks to its exclusive blend of life-giving plant extracts direct from the Amazon Rainforest. A warm herbal compress massage, deep lymphatic drainage and Amazonian mud mask further strengthen and regenerate cells at a deep level.


    1hr – £96

    Ananda means ‘divine bliss’ in Sanskrit – and this incredible treatment results in exactly that. Its gentle connection with specific energy points removes tension and toxins and stimulates energy-flow, while pure damascena rose products work with the body’s higher energy to induce feelings of deep peace and beautifully glowing skin.

    Hydro Express Aromatic Facial (p)

    30mins – £61

    A powerful express skin replenishment treatment ideal for quick and instant results. Immediately refreshes and hydrates the skin, leaving soft, supple and revitalised.

    Deep Marine Purifying Facial

    1hr 30mins – £146

    Ideal for combination, oily, congested or problematic skins, this complete deep cleansing purifying treatment combines traditional steam and extraction techniques with rebalancing lymphatic drainage massage. A detoxifying and anti-inflammatory peel-off mask and aromatic intensive complexes are used to soothe, calm and rebalance the skin to encourage a clear complexion.

    Eternal Youth Facial (p)

    1hr 30mins – £146

    Experience renewed youth and radiance with this wonderful anti-ageing facial. Incorporating a firming eye treatment, your skin is quenched with the power of evening primrose oil, red micro algae and wild indigo. Experience the renowned effects of Anne Semonin’s express radiance ice cubes that melt away fine lines. The result – a more plumped, radiant, hydrated and lifted skin.

    Skin Renewal Treatment Facial

    1hr 15mins – £121

    A unique, efficient renewing resurfacing treatment, combining surface and deep exfoliation, a smart and medically inspired method, without irritation, that will give your skin the luxurious glow and incredible softness.

    Experience the Micronised crystal powder, mixed with a nourishing massage butter, following by the application of a magic emulsion, as efficient as it provides soft sensation… Discover the Anne Semonin transformative treatment, which re-invents the surface of your skin instantly, infusing it with an efficient blend of ingredients and polishing it to perfection.

    Soothing Remedy Facial (p)

    1hr – £96

    A gentle therapy to soothe and calm oversensitive, irritated or sun-damaged skins prone to redness and irritation. Saturated gauze combined with soothing aromatic intensive complexes repair, calm and restore skin equilibrium bringing rapid relief to skin sensitivity. The skin is left calmed, nourished and smooth.

    Made to Measure Aromatic Facial (p)

    1hr – £96

    This skin enhancing ‘made to measure aromatic facial’ ensures effective, visible results. This treatment has been designed to be tailor-made for your individual skin’s needs through bespoke blended plant active serums, masks and aromatic intensive complexes.

    Cinetic Lift Expert Facial

    1hr 30 minutes – £146

    A deeply relaxing rejuvenating treatment combined with the renowned youth boosting cares containing Vernonia restructuring plant active ingredient to ensure intensive revitalising results. Immediately the skin appears visibly firmer, radiant and shimmering with youth.

    Radiance Facial (p)

    1hr – £96

    Gentle Firming Facial Massage
    Carita’s famous techniques are blended in this intensely rejuvenating facial, with the exclusive Renovateur with roasted sunflower seeds to exfoliate. Smoothing eye patches work wonders while you enjoy a hand and foot massage. Any facial tension is gently massaged away with a deeply relaxing lymphatic drainage and Swedish blended massage. Your therapist will specifically tailor your treatment to suit your skins every need, to maintain and enhance your natural beauty.

    Lagoon Hydration Facial

    1hr 15mins – £116

    Essential Intense Hydration for all skin types
    Drench your skin in the refreshing properties of Polynesian lagoon waters to restore comfort and vital energy to the skin. The deep acting Lagoon Bath face mask, including marine algae and noni extract – a Tahitian fruit, provides intensive moisture for dehydrated skin leaving your skin refreshed, energised and fines lines smoothed.

    Cotton Softness Facial

    1hr 15mins – £116

    Delicate Softness for Sensitive Skins
    Ideal Douceur is a gently effective treatment to soothe sensitive skin beyond recognition and ultimately delay the signs of ageing. Indispensable for sensitised skins, Ideal Douceur’s hypo allergenic formula is fragrance, colour and alcohol free. The result for you – a skin that is more resilient to daily demands.

    Papaya Purity Facial

    1hr 15mins – £116

    Perfect Balance and Control for Combination and Oily Skins
    This treatment creates the perfect balance between purity and softness. Specialised deep cleansing reduces blemishes and regulates the skin. Grapefruit and papaya extract refine uneven skin and revive natural radiance while flax extract rebalances and hydrates. Skin is left purified, refreshed and bright.

  • Little Miss

    Designed for the younger discerning ‘Little Miss Clients’ to groom, pamper and relax. Perfect for Bridesmaids & Flowergirls. Or just to enjoy as a special treat.

    Little Miss Petites Mains

    30mins – £41

    Shape, moisturise and polish leaving hands and nails sparkling bright. Ideal for special occasions. Aged 8 – 16 years

    Little Miss Petits Pieds

    30mins – £41

    Feet are moisturised, nails are shaped and polished leaving you walking on air. Aged 8 – 16 years

    Little Miss Petit Visage

    30mins – £41

    The perfect mini facial incorporating a cleanse, mask and moisturize, as well as a nourishing hands and arms massage. The essential beauty facial designed to care for younger or delicate skins. Aged 10 – 16 years

  • Body Therapy Collection

    Hot Stone Massage Therapy

    1hr 30mins – £146

    Heated black basalt stones are used to massage the whole body releasing deep-seated tension ideal for anyone suffering with muscular aches and pains. Working at relieving stress at the deepest level this treatment is designed to work on the body’s energy channels. This holistic treatment is an intensive therapy for the mind and spirit.

    Made to Measure Massage

    1hr – £96

    A tailor-made full body massage combines Anne Semonin techniques with a personally prescribed blend of intensive complexes and warmed botanical oil.
    After your initial consultation your therapist will assist you in choosing from the following options: De Stress, Uplifting, Detoxifying.

    Reflexology (p)

    1hr – £96

    Reflexology is the physical act of applying rhythmical pressure to the feet. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect certain parts of the body, helping to alleviate areas of pain and tension and regain overall balance within the body.

    Universal Stress Relieving Massage (p)

    45mins – £73

    A deeply relieving and healing shoulder, scalp and foot treatment to soothe away stress and tension. These universal stress zones are massaged with effective acupressure techniques to balance and revive you. Warm aromatic oils are used, leaving you feeling revitalised in mind and body.

    Blissful Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

    30mins – £61

    An express massage using warmed aromatic oils focusing purely on the back, neck and shoulders to relieve tension and enhance wellbeing.

    De-Stress Botanical Oil and Herbal Back Therapy

    1hr – £96

    Warmed fresh botanical oils are drizzled over the back, neck and shoulders before a warm bubbling mask is applied to relax the muscles and melt away tensions. Lymphatic drainage massage to the lower legs and the reflex points of the feet aid relaxation. A soothing scalp, back, neck and shoulder massage means this treatment is ideal for someone in need of tranquillity.

    Firming and Toning Spirulina Envelopment

    2hrs – £191
    A toning and firming body envelopment harnessing the powerful detoxifying benefits of the ocean. This treatment begins with a full body exfoliation followed by a seaweed wrap and concludes with a full body massage to relax your mind, firm and tone your body.

    Hydrating Pink Kaolin Envelopment Ritual

    2hrs – £191

    Softening and nourishing body envelopment designed to recondition dry, dehydrated or sun damaged skins this treatment begins with a full body exfoliation followed by a Pink Kaolin clay wrap and concludes with a wonderfully relaxing full body massage.

    Black Sand Body Scrub and Massage Ritual

    1hr 30mins – £146

    The ultimate exfoliating experience with Black Sand from Tahiti and aromatic oils actively sweep away dry skin leaving skin wonderfully soft, silky and youthfully radiant, cocooned in the delicate fragrance of exotic verbena. This therapy concludes with a made to measure full body massage.

    Crushed Sea Salt and Seaweed Body Envelopment

    1hr – £96

    Commencing with the drizzling of aromatic blended oils and the application of crushed sea salt, fresh herbs are mixed before you, to leave your skin feeling like silk. This is followed by a deeply detoxifying body treatment, using Spirulina seaweed to boost toxin release and purify the skin.

    Crushed Sea Salt and Kaolin Pink Body Envelopment

    1hr – £96

    An ultra-moisturising and hydrating body envelopment designed to recondition dry dehydrated or sun damaged skins. This treatment begins with a full body exfoliation and scalp massage followed by an application of Pink Kaolin clay combined with a nutrient rich treatment oils. A perfect full body thirst quencher for tired sensitive skin.

    Aromatic Salt Exfoliation

    45mins – £73

    An express aromatic oil and salt scrub. This is the perfect skin preparation leaving the skin deeply nourished, smoothed and hydrated. We include Seasonal Herbs picked from our very own gardens and conclude with nourishing lashings of aromatic oils and creams.


    1hr 30mins – £146

    Meaning ‘beautiful, shining jewel’ in Sanskrit, Manipura also refers to the naval chakra, the body’s centre of fire and sun energy. This revitalising treatment uses a Himalayan salt scrub, marma massage, lymphatic drainage and herbal poultices to harness and restore health and vitality, facilitating a positive flow of energy.

    Ku Nye

    1hr 30mins – £146

    Honouring ancient Tibetan healing practices, this full body massage combines wild-grown essential oils with traditional techniques of cupping, acupressure, kneading, rocking hot stones and poultices. It purifies the five elements of the body, energises the meridian system and strengthens the natural flow of energy.

    Amethyst Wrap

    1hr 30mins – £146

    The amethyst wrap draws deep toxins from the cells and astral body. It revitalises and purifies the skin, lymphatic system and bio-energy field and can promote profound emotional and energetic healing. This wrap also incorporates a Jasmine & Pearl Body Renewal, Cranial Holds and a beautifully nourishing Jade Body Crème.


    1hr 15mins – £116

    A gently nurturing back treatment that uses chakra and sound-healing to activate and channel the Kundalini (the dormant energy at the base of spine), realigning natural rhythm and restoring balance. Profoundly restorative for the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and ideal for emotionally exhausted souls.

    Body Renewal for Clarity or Bliss

    1hr – £96

    These healing renewals use the ionizing properties of Himalayan salt crystals to nourish both bodily and emotional wellbeing. Packed with gorgeously stimulating argan oil, juniper and rose, ‘Clarity effectively battles cellulite, stress and exhaustion, strengthening the bio-energy fields and leaving mind, body and spirits uplifted. A sublime combination of damascene rose otto, jasmine and rosehip seed oil, ‘Bliss’ is ideal for special pampering; it gently restores and relaxes the nervous system, leaving glowing skin and a sense of enhanced wellbeing.

  • Mother to be collection

    Mum to be

    60 or 90 minutes available £96 /£146

    This nourishing treatment combines rosehip seed and argan oil infused with extracts of lavender, geranium and rose to bring peace and harmony to mother and baby. The beautiful treatment begins with a beautiful body exfoliation, followed by Himalayan herb poultices gently massaged into magma and meridian points to relieve aches and pains.

  • Men's Therapy Collection

    Deep Clean Detox Facial

    1hr 30mins – £146

    Ideal for city skin or imbalanced, stressed skins suffering from breakouts or congestion.
    This facial combines traditional steam and extraction techniques, a detoxifying and rebalancing peel off mask is then applied using intensive complexes to achieve a deeply clean feeling.

    Made-to-Measure Grooming Facial

    1hr – £96

    This aromatic facial is tailored uniquely to you to target any skin concerns, from blemishes
    to sensitivity. Following a consultation a bespoke facial is created for your skin using our
    Anne Semonin essential oils, trace elements, serums, and botanical oils.

    Tension Release Massage

    1hr – £96

    Ideal for stressed tired muscles, a more intensive massage with deeper pressure to relieve tension.

    VitaMan Stress Busting Back Treatment

    1hr – £96

    This exceptional de-stressing treatment offers a truly unique relaxing experience for men of all ages and soothes deep-down muscular backaches.

    It includes VitaMan’s exclusive muscle relaxing back massage technique stimulating blood and lymphatic flow which relaxes stressed tight back muscles and increases circulation.
    Also experience specially designed products to exfoliate the back leaving the skin free of dead skin cells, the application of a mud mask finishes the treatment with hydrated and nourished skin.

    Soothing Shoulder, Scalp and Foot Therapy

    45mins – £73

    A deeply relieving and healing shoulder, scalp and foot treatment to soothe away stress and tension. These universal stress zones are massaged with effective acupressure techniques to balance and revive you. Warm aromatic oils are used, leaving you feeling revitalised in mind and body.

    Grooming Hands and Feet

    1hr – £66

    Reward your hands and invigorate your feet with this male grooming manicure and pedicure.

  • Beauty Essentials

    Waxing (p)

    1/2 Legs £24
    3/4 Legs or Top of Legs / Thighs £29
    Full Legs £37
    Bikini (Regular) £22
    Bikini (Extended) £27
    Bikini (All ) £37
    Underarms £17
    1/2 Arms £23
    Full Arms £27
    Lip or Chin £13
    Eyebrows (Tidy only) £15
    Eyebrows Shaping £17
    Back (upper or lower) £27
    Stomach Line £19

    Tinting (p)

    Eyebrows £16
    Eyelashes £16
    Eyebrows & Eyelashes £26

  • Manicure and Pedicure Collection

    Leighton Denny Immaculate Manicure (p)

    1hr – £66

    This award winning manicure treatment provides luxury and glamour for hands and nails that deserve only the best. This complete treatment exfoliates, nourishes and protects your hands and nails against the daily wear and tear of busy lifestyles whilst helping to improve the signs of premature ageing. This treatment concludes with a high performance nail polish, which you can take away with you.

    Leighton Denny Express Manicure

    30mins – £46

    Shape, moisturise and polish leaving hands and nails sparkling bright.

    Leighton Denny Luxury Pristine Pedicure (p)

    1hr – £66

    Leighton Denny’s luxury pedicure will leave your feet looking and feeling fabulous. Using refreshing and uplifting aromatherapeutic products your skin and cuticles will be softened and pampered. This treatment concludes with a high performance nail polish, which you take away with you.

    Leighton Denny Express Pedicure

    30mins – £46

    Feet are moisturised, nails are shaped and polished

  • Wellbeing

    Haslauer Reflective Sunlight Therapy

    40 minutes – £30

    Replicating the change of light from sunrise to sunset, this treatment creates the feeling of a warm summers day bathing you in light and offering vital vitamin D production, the experience is restful but revitalising, stimulating the metabolism. Guests will be most comfortable in swimwear for this experience, to gain maximum exposure to the light. (We are the only Hotel and Spa in the UK to offer this treatment)

    Dry Floatation

    30 minutes – £60

    Your body is cocooned and submerged on a thin membrane that surrounds the body allowing you to float in a peaceful, almost weightless environment without touching the water, the bed is heated to 37 degrees. This is a perfect way to relieve stress, muscular aches, pains and anxiety promoting relaxation. You will enjoy 25 minutes of floatation and 5 minutes preparation time.

    Dry Floatation with Body Envelopment

    60 minutes – £95

    Enhance your floatation treatment by adding a nourishing Goat Butter body treatment, containing valuable proteins and vitamins, the Goat Butter Crème infused with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil is ultra-hydrating benefitting very dry skin and delivering hydrated, silky smooth skin. The butter is applied over the body with a light massage before you are cocooned and submerged to experience 25 minutes floatation. Enjoy the weightless experience and warmth, relieving stress, aches and pains and promoting a feeling of relaxation.


    60 min – £96

    This non-invasive gentle holistic therapy helps clear stress, rebalance body and mind and promotes a feeling of rest ,wellbeing and relaxation. Treatment is performed fully clothed, ideal for guests looking for an effective alternative to massage therapy.

    Aromatic Thermal Massage

    90 minutes – £145

    Deeply relaxing aromatic massage with warming steam pads which allow potent herbal infusions to penetrate the skin which in turn helps release muscular tension, stress, and relieves fatigue.

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