Haslauer Reflective Sunlight Therapy

40 minutes – £30

Replicating the change of light from sunrise to sunset, this treatment creates the feeling of a warm summers day bathing you in light and offering vital vitamin D production, the experience is restful but revitalising, stimulating the metabolism. Guests will be most comfortable in swimwear for this experience, to gain maximum exposure to the light. (We are the only Hotel and Spa in the UK to offer this treatment)

Dry Floatation

30 minutes – £67

Your body is cocooned and submerged on a thin membrane that surrounds the body allowing you to float in a peaceful, almost weightless environment without touching the water, the bed is heated to 37 degrees. This is a perfect way to relieve stress, muscular aches, pains and anxiety promoting relaxation. You will enjoy 25 minutes of floatation and 5 minutes preparation time.

Dry Floatation with Body Envelopment

60 minutes – £105

Enhance your floatation treatment by adding a nourishing Goat Butter body treatment, containing valuable proteins and vitamins, the Goat Butter Crème infused with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil is ultra-hydrating benefitting very dry skin and delivering hydrated, silky smooth skin. The butter is applied over the body with a light massage before you are cocooned and submerged to experience 25 minutes floatation. Enjoy the weightless experience and warmth, relieving stress, aches and pains and promoting a feeling of relaxation.


60 min – £105

This non-invasive gentle holistic therapy helps clear stress, rebalance body and mind and promotes a feeling of rest, Well-Being and relaxation. Treatment is performed fully clothed, ideal for guests looking for an effective alternative to massage therapy.

Aromatic Thermal Massage

90 minutes – £157

Deeply relaxing aromatic massage with warming steam pads which allow potent herbal infusions to penetrate the skin which in turn helps release muscular tension, stress, and relieves fatigue.