Dry Floatation

30 minutes – £67

Your body is cocooned and submerged on a thin membrane that surrounds the body allowing you to float in a peaceful, almost weightless environment without touching the water, the bed is heated to 37 degrees. This is a perfect way to relieve stress, muscular aches, pains and anxiety promoting relaxation. You will enjoy 25 minutes of floatation and 5 minutes preparation time.

Dry Floatation with Body Envelopment

60 minutes – £105

Enhance your floatation treatment with a hydrating all over essential oil envelopment. The essential oils are applied over the body with a light massage before you are cocooned and submerged to experience 25 minutes floatation. Enjoy the weightless experience and warmth, relieving stress, aches and pains and promoting a feeling of relaxation.


60 min – £105

This non-invasive gentle holistic therapy helps clear stress, rebalance body and mind and promotes a feeling of rest, Well-Being and relaxation. Treatment is performed fully clothed, ideal for guests looking for an effective alternative to massage therapy.